What is Horiozn3D

Jan 13 2019

Horizon3D is a manhole take-off and design application.Horizon3D provides clear and accurate drawings for engineers, contractors, and production personnel. Produce  detailed drawings (including 3D drawings) and reports configured to meet your needs.

The software can easily be customized to meet your specific and unique needs.

Some key features of Horizon3D include:

  • Clear, accurate and readable drawings.
  • Detailed dimensioning.
  • Fast and Accurate Designs.
  • Export data to Accounting and other External Systems.
  • Intuitive, modern interface.
  • Automatic component selection and structure stacking.
  • Automatically generated drawings including full 3D renderings.
  • Draws Structure Design and component detail in seconds.
  • Creation of detailed and dimensioned shop drawings.
  • Email ready reports.
  • Organizes product, customer and order data.
  • Access to our development and support team.